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05/04/17 02:18 PM #1    


Wade Jardine

I haven't heard anything about the national registry of granite high. I hope to hear something soon. If anyone else has been informed of the campus update please let me know. We should have a result soon. The whole campus has been fenced in.Thanks for the update if you know more.

05/16/17 12:44 PM #2    


Wade Jardine

I haven't heard from the historical record of an answer about the national registry of granite high school salt lake city, here is the phone number 1202 354 2211, if we flood them with calls we might get dan update. Its worth a try.honer the grand old G. Thanks for the help.

05/24/17 01:08 PM #3    


Wade Jardine

Got some email feedback from the historical record of an answer about the national registry regarding Granite high . Accordin to the update they are aware of the nomination but nothing has happened yet. So i can only hope that the 5 buildings will remain standing till the registry for funding decides. Wish i knew more. It is frustrating not knowing. HONOR THE GRAND OLD G.

05/27/17 05:02 PM #4    


Emily Glezos (Charles)

Thanks for the update Wade!  Granite was the HighSchool my dad went to along with me, obviously several years later, but we All hope it stays around!!

Thanks Again,

Emily Glezos Charles

05/28/17 09:14 AM #5    


Shelly Reed (Gillespie)

Hello. I was wondering what happened to the deal that Garbettes made? I thought they bought the property to develop into another of their properties. Did they table those plans when it was announced that one of the homeless housing projects would be very close? Just curious. I also would like to see those grounds preserved and used for the community rather than a housing development. Keep us posted and thank you for your efforts. 


05/29/17 07:57 AM #6    


Wade Jardine

If the 5 buildings are still standing we still have a chance. If they come down the registry must not have accepted the proposal. I can't get an answer see the above phone nu

05/29/17 08:06 AM #7    


Wade Jardine

Number to get info. I have had major problems trying to get answers.

06/21/17 09:32 PM #8    


Wade Jardine

Noticed she is coming down.disappointed that I never heard from the national registry.

06/21/17 11:13 PM #9    


Sandra Rasmussen (Mosley)

Saw the pictures on fb today. I'm very sad about this. I always drive by when I'm I the area. Won't be the same. Sandra Rasmussen Mosley

06/22/17 12:08 PM #10    


Emily Glezos (Charles)

I am so dissapointed!!!  I wish they would have let any of us before or when a decision was made to take her down.  I was reading about the decision a while ago and wonder what they will be doing with the sigh that was our class gift.  Does anyone have any idea?


06/22/17 12:23 PM #11    


Wade Jardine

I tried to call Reynolds construction they never called back.

07/01/17 02:33 PM #12    


Wade Jardine

Well she is coming down.

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