50th Reunion Questionnaire

A Survey of note for fun at the Reunion on Friday, August 16 and Saturday, August 17th smiley

We hope that those who cannot attend will participate and we will all grow closer and appreciate the amount of talent, education, diversity and skills posessed by the Class of 1969!  To the MOON, Granitians!

If you have any questions concerning the survey, contact Dean Layton @




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1)   Name

High School and present name...
2)   Where do you currently live?

3)   Where have you resided during the past 50 years?

4)   How and where did you meet your spouse?

5)   Number of years married?

6)   Number of children?

7)   Number of Grandchildren?

8)   Number of Great-Grandchildren?

9)   Is there something unique about your life’s experiences you would like to share with the Class?

10)   What is one thing you have learned in the past 50 years that has changed the way you look at the world?

11)   What is the single good decision you have made that has most influenced your past/future?

12)   Favorite vacation spot or place you have visited:

13)   What career opportunities have you pursued over the past 50 years?

14)   Community volunteer or service activities:

15)   Favorite hobbies and pastimes: