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Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In: Billings, MT USA
Spouse/Partner: Leanne
Occupation: Retired, but working part time at Indian Health Service
Children: Katherine, born November, 1986
John, born May, 1991; children: Ember, born December 25, 2015; Elysse
Military Service: US Army and USPHS  

After graduation:
Attended University of Utah, BS in Civil/Structural Engineering and Army ROTC.
Served a LDS Mission in Southwest Indian Mission (SWIM) Navajo speaking.
Served in the Army Reserve and Utah Army National after graduation.
Married my lovely wife Leanne Orme in Salt Lake City temple on June 29, 1979.
Served in Army in Germany May 1985 to May 1988.
Received Master of Public Administration from Idaho State University.

My wife hails from Brigham Young University which makes for interesting banter sometimes, since I went to the "Gentile" school. She refused to allow me to put anything associated with the U on the car (said with a smile). I bought my truck when I retired and now proudly display license plate holders on front and back proclaiming the University of Utah!

We worked and lived in Salt Lake City before going to Germany. My daughter, Kathy, was born in Stuttgart, Germany. After we left Germany and the Army, I joined the Public Health Service and was with them till I retired March 1, 2015.

I have lived and worked in Chinle, AZ; Gallup, NM; Rancho Bernado, CA; Pocatello, ID, and now Billings, MT, where I retried from the USPHS. My son, John, was born in Gallup, New Mexico.

We have enjoyed the blessings of our two wonderful and talented children. Both of them served missions for the LDS Church. Kathy went to the Dallas, Texas Mission and John went to the Mesa, Arizona Mission (Spanish speaking). Kathy married in April, 2011, and John married in May, 2014.

I have fun driving my wife batty muttering Navajo, Spanish, or German, or a combination of them! I am kidding somewhat, actually I have taught her a few select Navajo words. To this day my daily routine is to wake up and study Navajo dilignelty reading the New Testament and Book of Mormon in Navajo.

My hobbies include postal chess, stamp collecting and the life pursuit of the Navajo language.

School Story:

I can't remember much to tell here. I don't think I really got involved in anything other than the Chess Club. I think my high school picture is horrible...yikes!

I was pretty introverted looking back. I wish I would have been more outgoing and got involved in more things. I excelled in the Spanish and German languages, and was the "Outstanding 2nd Year German Student." I wanted to serve a foreign mission for the LDS Church and thought I had covered my bases as far as languages were concerned, but I ended up learning a third language, Navajo. Believe me, it is the hardest of all. It was used as code in the War because unless you know Navajo, there is no way to break it.

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Happy birthday Jim!! I hope that you have a wonderful day with your family and many more to come!

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My mother, Donna, and my three younger brothers, Ron, Kent, and Chris Sutherland during a recent trip to Salt Lake City. My older brother, Richard Borg, who was a Granite HIgh graduate in 1966, moved to San Francisco after high school and a year at the U, attended the San Francisco Art Institute, and became an artist. He died in 2000 after heart surgery. He lived during an exciting time in San Francisco and opened my eyes to the broader world, especially the art and the rock music of the counter-culture. He went to Granite High with siblings of some of you. He really loved Granite. A few teachers told me they thought highly of Rick, who was an excellent student involved in all kinds of student activities; adding that I didn't measure up. I sure didn't.
Apr 02, 2014 at 8:54 AM
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Picture taken a few years ago.
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